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Rihanna + Photoshoots in 2014

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Yes lord


Yes lord

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bless them for letting baby girl keep her heritage

I peep them braids and that dress

I was just thinking this. She actually takes the children back to visit their family in their home country and they study about their own cultures. She isn’t one of those white people trying to assimilate her non-white children. 

She doesn’t use her kids as props and accessories, and she loves and cherishes them all equally it looks like.

Not to mention how she lets John (Shiloh prefers to be called John) dress and act how they like

Also, I’m pretty sure her wedding dress has her kids’ drawings on it, which is just unbelievably adorable.

it does have her kids drawings on it, they also helped to write the vows and Maddox the eldest boy made the cake with his friends, which is probably why he looks so nervous in the picture of them cutting it.

Every single thing I hear about this wedding makes me so happy even though they’re complete strangers to me because it just seems so joyful.

Such a beautiful family💕

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How do you know you’re in love?

—COMMON: Man, I know I’m in love when I think about her a lot and I’m finding ways to get to that person. Even though I gotta work, even though I gotta take care of other responsibilities, I’m like yo, when am I gonna fly out and see that person? I look forward to seeing them.
—KENDRICK LAMAR: How do you know you’re in love? When your heart feels it instead of your mind and your penis don’t. You know, it’s deeper than that… That’s when you know.
—PETE ROCK: Oh man you feel it right here, *touches heart*, right there, it’s like cupid’s shooting you in the heart, that shit’s just BOOW! Lots of people say they don’t believe in love at first sight, but I do, it’s happened to me.
—A$AP ROCKY: You know you in love cuz you don’t want nobody else but that person. You know, that’s how you know for sure. Like you could see a million other bad bitches, but you know, but it don’t even matter, you stuck.
—BIG BOI: Your heart flutters a little bit, you like to kiss on the mouth a lot, your neck get hot when you kiss on the mouth, that type of stuff. Stuff like that, yea.
—QUESTLOVE: I THINK WHEN THAT PERSON CONSUMES YOU.<p>How the fuck Quest had a better answer than Common</p>

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Kim , Kanye and North arriving at the LAX airport 9/16/14


Kim , Kanye and North arriving at the LAX airport 9/16/14

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